Hung Sao Do Annual Seminar 2014

This event is held annually in recognition of those students who have taken their 1st, 2nd or 3rd Dan grading the on the previous day. In achieving their distinction these students have made personal sacrifices over several years including family life and personal time. The final couple of years requires dedication and determination to succeed to get over the finishing line. A number of our Senior students show their dedication by continuing to train safely despite injuries they sustain through their training.

We also present special awards for Junior and Senior Student of the Year. Individual clubs nominate similar awards to students from their own club in recognition of their hard work at their club throughout the year. Other 'one-off' unique awards are sometimes presented by Master Bivona for students who have used their initiative to make a positive contribution to the organisation.

A special award is given to a student, in memory of Bob Gee who sadly passed away shortly after achieving his Black Belt, for their outstanding contribution to the organisation.

Following these presentations are opportunities for students to provide various demonstrations before everybody joins in to train.

1st December 2014 Gallery