Costs and Equipment

Current cost of lessons at all Hung Sao Do clubs are:

Children & young persons under 16 years £3.50

Adults £4.00

This money is paid at the start of the lesson to the instructor. These prices are effective from January 2011.

Membership and Insurance

All students require insurance and membership; this is compulsory. For a nominal annual fee, you can become a member of Hung Sao Do Karate, and receive full insurance cover. For a short while, you may come along to the lessons to decide if you want to pursue this activity, paying only for the cost of the lessons. However, both membership and insurance will be required by the time you submit yourself for your first grading. Membership is for twelve months and is renewable on an annual basis.

Your instructor will inform you of the current pricing and when it is due.

Clothing and Other Equipment

All students will be expected to purchase their suit or training t-shirts through the organization as they are not available at any retail outlets.

You can now get a hold of any equipment you need direct from Hung Sao Do in conjunction with Red Dragon Martial Arts for all your equipment needs, it is run by Michael Hulme (07834 349035). You can also email him at Contact him direct, or speak to your instructor for more information.

Please remember to wear your uniform and belt at all lessons.

Further Information

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of the instructors, who will be only too pleased to assist you.