Dojo Rules

Hung Sao Do are a forward thinking organization and firmly believe in equal opportunities; our students are without doubt our most valuable asset. It is with this potential in mind that we continuously evaluate our working practices and the art itself.

Our dedicated team of instructors headed by Mr G. Bivona, are committed to the needs of all students, and every effort is made to ensure that each individual achieves their potential. The contribution that each student makes within their own club and the organization as a whole is greatly valued.


All those who enter our sport are expected to uphold its principles and traditions. Students in Hung Sao Do are not only trained in the fighting skills of karate, but also in the standard of behaviour expected of all who are associated with us.

Rules to be observed in the Dojo (Training Area)

  • Correct uniform to be worn, clean and pressed, with the belt tied in the prescribed manner at all times.
  • Finger and toe nails to be kept clean and short.
  • All student must bow upon entering or leaving the Dojo.
  • Students must ask permission from the instructor if joining or leaving the class after training has begun.
  • Students must obey the commands of the instructor.
  • Students must bow to Black Belts on meeting or parting company. This extends to Black Belts entering or leaving the Dojo.
  • Black belts will be addressed as Sir or Miss, as appropriate.
  • Appropriate respect must be shown to fellow students.
  • Self control must be exercised at all times, particularly when sparring.
  • Always inform your instructor if you are injured or feel unwell.

Remember that training can be physically demanding, even for experienced students of higher grades, so never push yourself beyond your own limits. Nothing is to be gained by this and injury is often the result.