Founder’s Message

“I have been involved in physical sports for more than thirty five years.  All such activities have much to commend them and many lend themselves to the development of an individual in one way or another.

It could be argued that Martial Arts in what ever form they are practiced perhaps have more to offer the exponent than most other sports.

Mr Giuseppe BivonaHaving been in the privileged position that I have in terms of my involvement in numerous sporting activities, I have been able to analyze and compare the benefits of each. It is my firmly held belief that Martial Arts provide the right balance of physical development coupled with such additional benefits as, self discipline, mental attitude, self awareness and confidence.

I have been involved in martial arts for over thirty five years, during this time I have studied many styles and trained at various locations around the world. I have seen many students enter the dojo for the first time exhibiting signs of lacking confidence, assertiveness, etc., after only a few months training the change in these individuals is almost beyond belief.

Realise it or not, you have embarked upon a journey, as I did many years ago. You have already taken those all important first steps, otherwise you would not be reading this document. Like most journeys, if you contemplate the objective at the outset the task may seem an almost impossible one. It is therefore important to remember that all journeys are accomplished one step at a time.

Everyone who enters the art of Hung Sao Do has the potential of achieving the final objective, all that is required is an open minded approach, a degree of commitment, patience and a willingness to learn.

Hung Sao Do is a progressive martial art that is more in line with modern society than some traditional styles. Although we all hope and pray that the use of our skills will never be necessary in terms of self defense, I believe it is always better to be one step ahead of the game.”

Mr Giuseppe Bivona, Founder & Chief Examiner